Hot Yoga

What if you could combine the benefits of really sweating it out in the gym along with traditional yoga that helps you attain the inner peace you so long for? Wouldn’t that be great?

Hot yoga offers you the best of both worlds by turning up the heat and challenging you to up your game. Yes, that’s right!

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What Is Hot Yoga, Really?

Hot yoga, also referred to as heated yoga, is a unique and rigorous type of yoga, consisting of 26 different poses and two breathing exercises – all done in a room with the temperature turned up to 95-105 degrees with 40% humidity.

Now, you know why it’s called hot yoga, don’t you?

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The Plethora Of Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga is becoming popular around the globe and the go-to form of yoga for fitness enthusiasts as well as celebrities, mainly due to the array of benefits it offers.

Following are the eight main benefits of hot yoga:

  1. Greater flexibility in the body thanks to the continuous stretching in warm temperature
  2. Increased bone density and, in turn, strength 
  3. Weight loss as more calories are burnt once the heat is turned up
  4. Alleviates stress and eases depression, ensuring your mental well being
  5. Boosts cardio-vascular health by challenging your body
  6. Tones your major muscles, including arms, glutes, and core, making you look good
  7. Detoxifies the body through sweating and boosting metabolism
  8. Improves balance, coordination, and focus

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Is Hot Yoga A Good Choice For You?

Note that while hot yoga is generally safe for healthy people – it is not for everyone, given the challenging nature of intense exercises.

In case you have some pre-existing health conditions, including cardiovascular problems and a history of heat-related illnesses, dehydration, and low blood pressure, or if you are pregnant, then it would be in your best interest to consult with your doctor before trying hot yoga.

We also offer non-heated and virtual classes. Stay informed, stay safe. Your health and happiness are our priority.

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