Costa Rica Retreat at Selva Armonia
with Ravinder and Jeff Pilson

May 31 - June 6, 2025

Movement • Meditation • Music • More

Embark on a curated retreat that blends wellness, exploration, music, and Costa Rica’s stunning beauty—an adventure of a lifetime!
Join us for an unforgettable week at this Immersive Jungle Resort in the mountains of Uvita, Costa Rica!
Selva Armonia provides an extraordinary space for yoga, adventure, wellness, relaxation, and sustainability. With ocean views and gardens, it is the perfect environment to find yourself and also to connect with our community outside of the hot room.
Enjoy stretching out on the ocean-view yoga deck with daily classes, treat yourself to a massage and facial, delight in gourmet farm-to-table, organic cuisine with natural drinks, enjoy beautiful beaches, waterfall hikes, adventures in nature, and plenty of time to unwind at the salt water pool with a locally crafted elixir.
This eco-luxury retreat provides the perfect balance of relaxation and exploration, inspiring deeper connection to nature and community.

Retreat includes:

  • Accommodations for 6 Nights, including taxes.
  • Group Airport Transportation to and from San Jose Airport in Costa Rica
  • Farm-to-Table, Organic Meals with Natural Drinks at resort – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Salt Water Pool & Hot tub
  • Daily Movement Classes
  • Excursions with transportation to and from resort
  • Live music
  • Outdoor, hot tub/cabana movie night
  • Game night
  • Free time

about your hosts:


Ravinder is a dedicated yoga practitioner, instructor, and wellness enthusiast committed to fostering holistic well-being and spiritual growth. Born with a deep reverence for the ancient practice of yoga, Ravinder has spent years honing both her personal practice and her skills as a teacher and mentor.
Ravinder’s journey into the world of yoga began as a quest for balance and inner harmony. Drawn to the transformative power of yoga, she delved into various styles, exploring the rich tapestry of Bikram (Hatha), Vinyasa, Pilates, and Reiki practices. Her commitment to continuous learning has allowed her to weave together a unique and comprehensive approach to yoga that integrates physical postures, breathwork, meditation, and spiritual exploration.
Ravinder brings a nurturing, encouraging, and compassionate energy to her classes. Her teaching style reflects a blend of traditional wisdom and modern insight, creating an inclusive space for practitioners of all levels. With an emphasis on alignment, mindfulness, and breath awareness, Ravinder guides her students on a journey of self-discovery and healing.
Off the yoga mat, Ravinder is passionate about creating a supportive and uplifting community. Her classes are not just sessions of physical exercise but transformative experiences that encourage self-reflection and personal growth. Ravinder believes in the power of yoga to transcend the physical, touching every aspect of one’s life to create a more balanced, harmonious, and mindful existence.
In addition to her role as a yoga instructor, Ravinder is actively involved in promoting holistic wellness. Her dedication extends beyond the studio, with a commitment to fostering a sense of unity and well-being within the community. Whether guiding a class, leading a meditation session, or sharing insights on the profound benefits of yoga, Ravinder is an inspiration for those seeking a path to inner peace and vibrant living.

Jeff Pilson

Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum artist, Jeff Pilson, is a seasoned musician and accomplished producer, best known as the bass player, songwriter and background vocalist for the legendary band, Dokken. He’s also had stints with the bands Dio, MSG and his own band, War and Peace. Since 2004, Pilson has been with the classic rock band, Foreigner, where he serves as bassist, musical director, and producer on many of their musical releases over the last two decades.
As a musician, producer, and mentor, Jeff Pilson continues to leave an enduring impact on the music industry. His passion for pushing artistic boundaries and creating timeless music solidifies his status as a respected figure in the global music community. Whether holding down the low end on stage or shaping the sonic landscapes behind the scenes, Jeff Pilson remains an influential and enduring presence in the world of music.
What people likely DON’T know about Jeff Pilson is his passion and commitment to the study and practice of yoga off the stage.
Pilson’s yoga journey began in 1978 following a debilitating back injury. Soon after, he was studying hatha yoga and meditation with yoga legend Richard Hittleman, who is best known for his PBS television series Yoga for Health in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Through his TV series, books and videos, Hittleman is widely credited for bringing the practice of yoga to more people in the West than anyone. Since Hittleman’s passing in 1991, Pilson has studied extensively with Yogi Michaeline Kiss in both New York and San Francisco.
Pilson credits yoga postures and meditation as the vital tools to keep him “sane and healthy” in a vigorous road life that often entails traveling 10 months of the year. His teaching of yoga meditation and mild postures is designed to introduce students to several time tested ancient meditation techniques and then allow them to naturally adapt to whichever one or ones best suits them.
There is no such thing as too old to start a successful yoga practice, and meditation often proves to be a life changing experience that has no equal.
On this retreat, Jeff Pilson will lead us through Meditation classes and also perform some acoustic songs for us during our down time by the pool or bonfire!
“The Self Realized state is the natural state. All one need do is remove the obstruction of the mind.”   –Ramana Maharshi/ Guru to Richard Hittleman

Accommodations and Pricing:

Pricing is per person. If you would like a Double or Triple, please let us know who you are rooming with.

Casa Grande:

Wake up to breathtaking ocean views and a peaceful jungle soundscape in our Casa Grande rooms.

Perched in the mountains of Uvita’s tropical rainforest, each Casa Grande room is equipped with one queen bed, one twin bed, a ceiling fan, shared bathrooms, and a stunning ocean view.

Sleeps up to 3 guests per room

Private Cabina: SOLD OUT!
  • Single: $3,739.00 – ONE ROOM (One Queen Bed)
  • Double:$2,995.00 – ONE ROOM (One Queen Bed)
Our Cabinas offer an intimate getaway space surrounded by jungle canopy and permaculture gardens. Their design is inspired by the region’s traditional architecture, including hand-carved details and locally sourced materials. Each Cabina is equipped with AC, one queen bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private garden view balcony. Sleeps up to 2 guests
Bungalow Suite: SOLD OUT!
  • Double: $3,345.00 (One King Bed and One Twin Bed)
  • Triple: $3,114.00 (One King Bed and One Twin Bed)
  • Quadruple: $2,878.00 (One King Bed, One Twin Bed, and One Twin Loft Bed)
Relax and unwind in our unique Bungalow Suites. Each suite has been designed and decorated to reflect the perfect balance of sustainability and luxury. Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush Costa Rican mountains. Each Bungalow is equipped with AC, one king bed, one twin bed, a private outdoor shower, and a private ocean-view balcony. Sleeps up to 3
Deluxe Bali Suite/Upper Level: SOLD OUT!
  • Single: $4,296.00 – ONE ROOM (One King Bed)
  • Double: $3,051.00 – ONE ROOM (One King Bed)
Nestled at the top of the property, the Deluxe Bali Villas offer a secluded haven. Enjoy the gentle sounds of nature from your private terrace while you gaze across the lush tropical jungles leading to the Pacific Ocean. Each villa is equipped with AC, one king bed, a private bathtub, a living room area, and a private ocean-view balcony. Sleeps up to 2 guests

Double Bali Room/Lower Level–ONE LEFT!


The Double Bali Room offers a contemporary space with the comfort of it’s own living space and full kitchen.

Each room is equipped with ceiling fans, two twin beds, a private bathroom, and a private kitchen space. Great to used in conjunction with Deluxe Bali Villa.

Sleeps up to 2 guests

please note:

Pricing is per person. If you would like a Double or Triple, please let us know who you are rooming with. 

$500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot, which can be made here on the website. You will be invoiced for the balance, which will be due April 15, 2025.
We can set up a payment plan for you if needed. Please note that Credit Card payments for the invoiced balance will incur a surcharge. Zelle, cash and check are preferred.

Cancel by Dec 31, 2024 for a full refund.
Cancel by Feb 28, 2025 for 50% refund.
After Feb 28, 2025, purchases are non-refundable.

Check your passport to make sure it will still be valid by the end of December 2025. 
Plan to fly into San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO). You will need to arrive the night of May 30th or before 5:30am on May 31st and depart after 7pm on June 6th in order to catch our group transport to and from the retreat!

We strongly suggest all guests to set up good travel insurance that covers COVID, earthquakes, and other potential problems that could prevent you from traveling and require reimbursement for expenses made.

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