Restorative Yoga

“Restorative Movement Yoga w/ Sound Healing Meditation ( Warm )

ALL Levels:  

This multi-modality class is part of a signature series based on the different Chakras of the body, with each class focusing on one specific Chakra. Combining essences of movement therapy (Gyrotonics), breathwork and sound healing with easy, gentle restorative yoga movements, anyone at any level can enjoy for an integrated self-healing practice from the physical – and as we meditate – deeper into the mind and spirit.

Throughout we incorporate Chinese acupressure massages on specific meridians to facilitate the movement of qi in the body to further enhance the restorative benefits in the hot room with infrared heating panels that are known to improve muscle & tissue repair. 

Movement to breath during the practice is paired to music mixed with sound healing frequencies, followed by final guided meditation to Tibetian Bowls to release inner blockages at each chakra.

This self-care, multi-modality restorative practice will leave you feeling an inner sense of peace and inspire transformation.


  • Yoga Mat + Towel 
  • Bolster or Pillow
  • Blanket”

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