Rolling the Marble

Rolling the Marble in Hot Pilates establishes neutral spine to avoid lower back pain.   Neutral spine is the natural line of the spine when all three curves of the spine–cervical (neck), thoracic (middle) and lumbar (lower) are present and in good alignment. It is the strongest position of the spine when standing or sitting, […]

Backward Bending

Backward bending…OMG…this can be scary!! We are a forward-bending society…all day we sit, slouched in cars, chairs, couches, slumped over cell phones and computers. If we are not sitting, we are usually standing with shoulders slumped forward and bad posture. Backward bends feel unnatural to us, not because our bodies were not made to do […]

Lock the Knee

So, by now you’ve surely heard us talking about “locking” your knee in class.  In fact, it may seem like an obsession 😉   And if you’re like me, you may have even heard somewhere that locking your knees is bad!   The truth is locking your knees is natural for the body when done […]

Pranayama Breathing

In Bikram Yoga classes, Pranayama Breathing is the first exercise we do in the class…and one of the most coordinated! If you’re confused at what’s going on here and why, you’re not alone! What’s everyone doing with their arms, their head, their breath? Beginners are often confused with this posture! Pranayama Breathing has loads of […]